Maria Bello's Page Six Cover

This issue of Page Six Magazine ran a few weeks ago, but I figured that I would give all of us West-Coasters a chance to see it as well! Our makeup artist Elaine Offers and our nail technician Joanie Moscatello did a fantastic job of making Maria Bello look polished and glamorous. Elaine and Jonathan Hanousek flew all over the world with Maria while she was promoting the new Mummy film . . . I’m so jealous!

Featured: Lindsay Price // Women’s Health Magazine

Our talented New York artist Gita Bass did the beautiful Lindsay Price for this spread in Women’s Health Magazine. Gita’s makeup is perfect as usual and Lindsay looks glamorous and sexy!

Justin St. Clair Does Australian Harper's Bazaar!

I am in our New York office for the day and I am getting a firsthand look at how talented our New York artists are! Above is one page from the spread that our NY based hair and makeup artist Justin St. Clair worked on for the new issue of Australian Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Justin’s hair and makeup has that New York edge, while also being beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. Love it!